Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wild Hollyhock (Iliamna rivularis)

Wild Hollyhock; Silver Lake, 6/26/2018, David Kenison

In the Mallow family (Malvaceae). Also known as Mountain Globemallow, Mountain Hollyhock, Maple Mallow, and Streambank Hollyhock. Found throughout northwestern North America.

The lovely pink and purple flowers of the Wild Hollyhock are smaller than the domestic variety often seen in gardens, but their recognizable shape and coloration makes them a attractive mountain wildflower.

The species name rivularis means growing by a stream or river; the plants thrive in moist soil. This is one of the first flowers to appear after a fire; the seeds have a very hard coat and heat helps with germination. Seeds can remain dormant and viable in soil for as long as a hundred years.

These photos were taken by the author at a variety of locations around Utah.  Click to view enlargements.

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